GAIA Noise Freak Vol.4

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The GAIA Noise Freak Vol.4 sound collection was created by Logic System (Hideki Matsutake), Japan's foremost synthesizer artist. Active since the earliest days of synthesizers, he is well known through his work with Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), both on their recordings and as an accompanying member on their world tours.

Noise Freak Vol.4

The fourth volume in the Noise Freak series focuses on noises and sound effects. This volume features eight tones that express oriental atmospheres through synthesis.

  1. Flying Insects in Chorus--Envisioned as the sound of insects on a space station, this tone creates the feel of long autumn nights. It sounds great with the octave range at its highest setting.
  2. Triple Steam Locomotives--This tone was based on the triple-steam locomotives I saw as a child. The sound is very realistic when played on the middle C.
  3. Dog and Cat--This fun tone truly demonstrates the range that the GAIA is capable of delivering. Set OCTAVE to -1 and play the dog and cat with the low and high registers, respectively.
  4. Wind Chime in the Sky--The second tone in the "space station" series, this sound is based on the Furin wind chimes that are a Japanese tradition during long autumn nights.
  5. Down Sequence--Use this highly practical generic sound as a "secret ingredient" that forms the foundation of your sequenced phrases and grooves. Set the octave range to suit your particular needs.
  6. New Cosmic Surfing--This sound was named after "Cosmic Surfin'," one of YMO's signature tunes. It works great when you switch among different arpeggios while you play with the GAIA's KEY HOLD turned on.
  7. Gamelan Kecak SH-01--This sound is reminiscent of a real Southeast Asian festival. Play the keys any way you like and express the cheerful atmosphere of a festival.
  8. FUZZ Mania Satisfaction--As the name suggests, this is a highly satisfying distortion sound. In song production, you can use this as an aggressive tone that is distinctly different from distorted guitar.

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